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15th Apr 2006


Actually it’s about Perfume of Patrick Suskind and not about perfumes such as Dior, Elizabeth Arden or cK or… although I’m also very fond of these ones.

Nice book about a psycho killer (for your information, in my vocabulary, I call him psycho because he is killer, if he’s not, he will be just a weirdo) hi hi.

Quite fun, well written, it reminds me of Se7en. Yes, the movie Se7en . If you like thrillers such as Se7en, Bones collector… you’ll like the book.

But it’s not, or at least not only, a thriller. It’s also a fantasy which was written with nice imagination.

Quite classic in style, the story was narrated in chronological order, staged in France of 18th century, about a perfume genius, a guy who has a gifted sense of smell and who is obssessed by perfumes. And with this gift, he is closed in his interior world of smells. Very detailed about smells, about feelings and affections caused by smells, in reading this book you mostly believe that there’s a world which you don’t really “feel” but you guess there is.

Yes, it gives you a guess that there’s another “reality” just there but you can not touch.

Nice writting about isolation, hatred and misanthropy. And as with Se7en, it doesn’t leave comfort but a bitter aftertaste: he won, but what a senseless victory.

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13th Apr 2006

Ecstasy – Ryu Murakami

Someone has just asked me about my 3 sound-stressful-japanese books I’ve read in last 4 months. So about one of them.


Have finished Ecstasy on a bus from Kratie to Phnom Penh, the first book of trilogy Monologue about pleasure, lassitude and death. Have stoped sometimes because of weird feeling of… lassitude and puzzledom.

It’s surely an easy book to read, not kinda complicated or hard, although its subject. With the subject of SM and drug, the author could easily fall in hideousness, but it seems not. And you can easily continue just because… you wanna know the continuation.

But it’s not a… breakthrough or very well written or something like that. The end is kinda easy and absurd, it leaves a question: why so much twists for that simple result?

Somehow, all that SM thing, that self-destruction and perverted desire to destroy others give some trouble references of japanese culture.

Monologue about pleasure, lassitude and death.

Wondering how are 2 next books, Melancholia and Thanatos?

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13th Apr 2006

Reading decadence

I gave up finishing The Zahir although it remained only about 50 pages. More I had advanced, more I had gotten bored by déja-vu and predictable feeling. And you lose all desire to read with the feeling that you know where you will arrive. So yesterday, I officially gave up, perhaps with all Paolo Coehlo stuffs (of course it doesn’t mean that his books are not good. I liked Alchemist and Eleven minutes, but as I’ve gotten old, hi hi, and his books are quite similar, so I’ve lost my interest).

After giving up The Zahir, yesterday I took a quick look at my bookshelf, looked for a time killer before sleeping. Honestly there was not many things. Photocopy versions of Acid house and a book of Michael Moore, don’t event recall its name. But last time I’ve been quite spoiled and difficult with everything, and I can not read a photocopy version anymore, too bad printing quality.
A french detective novel. Not in mood for detective stuffs.

Finally I’ve found Perfume of Patrick Suskind, Vietnames version which seemed not so bad. It recalls me the interview with David Chang (some of you know who) for a PR campaign and he said he was reading this book.  Can I call this a promising sign (for the book)? 

In last 4 months, I arrived to finish only 3 books, all japanese more or less, and all weird more or less so Ecstasy (R. Murakami), Norvegian Wood (H. Murakami) and Never let me go (Ishiguro). Wondering if I have some problem with taste or with lifestyle. Perhaps both :-D.

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10th Apr 2006

Love is…

Ha ha, also from gaping void.

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09th Apr 2006

The best of youth (La Meglio gioventù)

“Once you begin it, you’ll finish it”. You’ve raison this time ;-) although you do not always but I do :-p

I’ve watched this 358-minutes-movie in 2 days, the first part yesterday, till 1:30AM and the second part, whole afternoon today.

It was such a simple story, no “innovation”, ” new concept” or something like that, just a family over 40 years, beginning with a far far away summer which has changed life of some. Simple, natural and moving.

Many things have touched me:

Italian historical events which remind our actual time:

– Transparent banks, transparent taxes… All will be transparent.
– Do you think we can do it?
– Others can, so why not us?
– I mean Italians, can we do it? People here doesn’t like transparency…

The determination of youth to have a better country and a better future:

– We engage to raise our children in respect to others
– We engage to develop the sense of responsability
– We engage to develop the sense of justice
– We engage not to follow actual bad morals
– We engage not to ask as a favor what is our legal right
– We engage to resist violent mafias
– We engage to love others as brothers
– We engage not to forget Giovanni Falcone

The hope:

– Why do sad things but nice ones seem always natural?

And more than all, love and compassion.

The movie reminds me also about my 2 years aboard, that atmosphere, that spirit, that “way”.

Good acting, funny and smart dialog. I’ve also found some very “me” stuffs which made me laugh:

– The genre “I have always reason”.
– Exactly as you are!

and also my belief that perhaps someday as Nicola, I will find its limit: “It was my concept of freedom. I thought everybody had right to live the way they wanted to do. But is there freedom to die?“.

Love the movie. Will rewatch it someday.

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08th Apr 2006


A little bit surprised when today I heard a “pleased” tone from someone I consider friend when he (yes, he, no confusion) thought another one had said a bad thing about me.

Think about it carefully, I do believe that there were many times I was “pleased” hearing bad things about people I hate (hi hi I’m human as any of you), but I also do believe that I have never ever pleased  hearing bad things about friends. Where does it come from, that morbid pleasure? Or am I mistaken in making friends?

Think about it more carefully, I guess perhaps as I’m someone light-hearted and unconcerned by nature, I don’t keep things such as envy or grundge in mind for a long time, especially with friends. But perhaps it’s not the case of everybody.

I’ve known for quite a long time that you can be good only when you’re happy. When you’re not, it’s very hard to be good (by this, please understand the behind meaning that I’m someone good hi hi). And perhaps the guy was not happy.

Anyway, it’s kinda thing you will remember for a long time.

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08th Apr 2006

Happiness is…


Hi hi, from gaping void.

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08th Apr 2006

Weekend begins…

… at 2:30PM today with a nap till 5:00PM.  So already one day has passed. Tomorrow is Sunday, normally I’ll wake up at 10:30 and after tomorrow, Monday, sigh.

After 2 no-sport and no-breakfast weeks, I’ve lost some hundreds grammes. But to achieve the 3-kg-objective, perhaps I shoud do something more intensive but less hungry. Yes, in last 18 months, I’ve token 3 kilos (dunno how), so I’m doing some mediocre efforts to find back my ideal slim figure before becoming a big fat girl :-D (or woman, if you like this word better).

Okay, so went to swimming pool this afternoon but after 2 ass-on-chair weeks, it was only with a huge determination (wow, “determination” sounds not very me) I’ve arrived at my normal 20 lengths. Mind you, it’s only 25m for a length.

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07th Apr 2006

Nos meilleures années (La Meglio gioventù)

I’ve just received these DVDs, which are supposed to be my… March 8th gift. Don’t be supprised, you know me right?

Yes, “these DVDs” because there are 3 – 2 for the movie (which lasts 6 hours, oh my god) and 1 for supplementary stuffs.

The imdb ranking is 7,8/10, quite promising. Will begin it this weekend (can not say in advance when I’ll finish it).

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03rd Apr 2006

If you’re blogger and need a time-killer…

… and you wanna decorate your blog with cool funny senseless things, so it’s a link for you:

There are so many quizes such as What’s your sexy brazilian name? (haven’t tried yet, don’t think brazilian guys are sexy enough to waste my time) or What animal were you in a past life? (haven’t tried yet neither, I’m not interested much in my animal past) or What’s Your Pizza Personality? (oh yeah, there’s even pizza personality, and the pizza which is supposed to be mine looks absolutely not my taste) or What European City Do You Belong In? (can you believe it, I’m belong to…. Dublin. Is it in Ireland?) or What Song Should You Strip To? (okay, I’ve done the quiz, and you may guess, I’ve downloaded the song too. Don’t ask me which one, lyrics are quite shocking)… and so on. Have fun girls.

Oops, should come back to my damn plans. See you later.

Update: Ha ha, hey gals, I’ve just taken a look on your fever, and as I saw the test What Kind of Kisser Are You? on every blogs, so I’ve also tried myself. Can you believe it? Quite a good ad for me ha ha.


You’re an Expert Kisser
You’re a kissing pro, but it’s all about quality and not quantity
You’ve perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone’s socks off
And you’re adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable
What Kind of Kisser Are You?

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