15th Mar 2006



Seems everybody are MPDs in some ways. With each interlocuter, people shows just an aspect of their personalities, and they’re very insistent about each of these. With A, you have always this face, this kind of talking, this subject…, and with B you always have that face, that kind of talking, that subject… How does interaction create all that faces? Curious.

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  1. Huong Says:

    Đứng về lâm sàng thì trong ngành của em nó thấy là những người có cái disorder này thường bị tổn thương tâm lý lúc bé, tức là child abuse. Cho nên, không phải duy nhất nhưng em nghĩ một lí do chính cho MPD là we don’t want to be hurt. Lí do thứ hai là convinience.

    ==> Safety and convinience.

  2. Hieu Says:

    If there were only you in this world, there would be no MPD. The more you’re into the “real” world, meeting hundreds of people everyday, the more so called multiple personalities you have, I guess. Until the day, when you have like 100 faces – then suddenly all boundaries are blurred, all faces merge or disperse *bang* you’re awaken :-D

  3. Huong Says:

    According to scientists, my dear friend, it is just a matching game. You match your behaviors with each of your expected roles. The reasons one play this game lie, for example, in the fact that we all have an innate or acquired need to feel that we belong or that we are being accepted by the “society”. Like, your Mom expects something from you, and you are likely to give it to her, just to save your “peace.”

    There is also this signaling theory, which essentially argues that in modern society, each of us has so many responsibilities and jobs that we all need to find shortcuts for everything we do. These shortcuts become very important in assessing, analyzing, judging, acting and reacting, etc. Say, you want to hire a person. You of course have no time to find out everything about him: his family, his hobbies, his personality, even his dogs and secrets. So, you will have to rely on signals: his educational degrees, his group memberships, even his race, ethnicity, etc. So, people use signals all the times, to save time and energy. If you look for shortcuts, people will show you shortcuts.

    In my humble opinions, my dear friend, MPD has a lot to do with one’s guts and perceptions of one’s purpose of life (or the lack thereof)

    But why bothers, my friend? “Everybody is not you. And to hell with what everybody does” as my husband would put it hihi.

  4. Linh Says:

    Do you feel you have MPD now, G.??
    Btw, I’m reading “The Farewell Party”. It’s funny. And your post about MPD seems like it. Each character with certain “role” in life and they interact with each other as in a kind of game. It’s like a mask but this mask is not you but it’s also truly you. Funny and absurd.

  5. Linh Says:

    PS: “The Farewell Party” is an old translation of Kundera’s “The Farewell Waltz”

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