19th Mar 2006

Never let me go


I’ve just finished this book after a month or so. There’s a good thing about books in comparison with movies: you can read 2 or 3 pages and fall asleep and continue next night and so on. It doesn’t matter if you take 2 or 3 months to finish a book. But you can not watch a movie for 10 minutes and finish it in 10 days. That’s why I don’t watch many movies last time.

The book is nice but sad.

5 Responses to “Never let me go”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    Cuon sach van hoc cuoi cung em doc tu dau den cuoi la “Con nhan ma trong vuon”, hic hic, “Catch 22” doc doan dau va doan giua nhung khong doc doan cuoi, gan day em doc “Generation X” cung doc doan dau va doan cuoi nhung ma bo doan giua :D

  2. Linh Says:

    Hom no xem phim Catch-22. Khong hay bang phim nhung cung kha’ OK, vi chuyen the kich ban cho mot truyen nhu the la hoi bi kho.
    Generation X doc co funny ko em Ex?

  3. Linh Says:

    Sorry, cau tren to muon noi la “khong hay bang truyen”.

  4. Hieu Says:

    Glad that you like the book and finish it finally :D Haven’t read any book recently (1 month at least), feeling a bit guilty :S

  5. hoaianh Says:

    cuon Generation X doc cung binh thuong thoi a, co nhieu reference ve van hoa duong dai My, thinh thoang lai co vai hinh ve minh hoa, de doc vi no noi ve generation X voi nhung van de hien nhien, kho doc vi cac reference va mot thu tieng Anh phong tung gan voi culture noi tren.
    That may la bay gio em khong phai doc sach may nua, moi cuon sach em chi “doc” mat do mot tieng la cung, vi toan la tranh anh. Lau lau doc mot cuon nhieu chu de bon chen voi doi :D

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