23rd Mar 2006

Teen movie


Last 2 days I watched 2 teen movies in a row so Mom at 16 and Mysterious skin. Today I’ll continue my Teen movie period with Cheaper by the dozen 2.

For your information, I have always a guilty pleasure for teen and kid comedies. Yup, guilty pleasure because I laughed many heads off for their weak points for teen books. Well, no surprise, I’m as self-centered as any of you.

So you can guess, Freaky friday was one of my favorites. I also loved Parents trap, Pay it forward. New York minutes was little bit flat but I also watched it well. School of Rock was not my favorite but viewable. Also 13 turn to 30 and other stuffs…

Back to 2 movies I’ve seen, Mom at 16 is very Hollywood, very educational. You know what I mean, a mostly happy-ending, not as in fairy stories such as  They got married and lived happily ever after but a best end you can hope (and normally things finish not so good).

I like Mysterious skin. Okay you can not put it in the same sack with Freaky friday and things I mentioned above. Brief, it’s not a comedy but about troubling teenage with irreversible things that make you wonder if it’s you, how you will handle it.

Okay, another avowal, I have a crush on the boy you can see in the poster. Poor me, in the movie he’s gay.

Update: so I’ve seen Cheaper by the dozen 2. Went to cinema for it. Companions came for 15 minutes late, they drived me crazy, you may guess. One disappeared totally so 45,000 lost.

Anyway it was funny, quite okay for an evening hanging around. We came out of cinema full of popcorn, then after a Bun bo Hue we have had nice time at Hi-End cafe, talking about all and nothing, you know, Tuan Ngoc and Neil Young, Vespa, tatoos, vacation, Ha Noi and Phu Quoc, how getting married is more difficult than having baby… all that stuffs you know.

I also collected the DVD P.U.L.S.E, which was supposed to be my March 8 present. But although there was a huge title “Pink Floyd P.U.L.S.E”, the DVD turned into L’Ame Immortelle of some Voiceless band, with a guy who spoke a hardly recognizable English.

4 Responses to “Teen movie”

  1. FR Says:

    The fact “he is 2 years younger than I am” means nothing. Look at Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake, Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher… Oh yes, of course, I know!!! Sorry, I know, you’re not Cameron, “ni” Demi, but at least 1/20? Non plus? Oh, sorry!!! Vraiment!

  2. today20 Says:

    Bon, comment on peut savoir? And he is 2 years younger than I am :-(

  3. hoaianh Says:

    I hope, outside the film, he is straight? Non?

  4. Hieu Says:

    Yeah, you’re so right (about the fact …), babe (FR) ;;)

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