15th Mar 2006

Xu restaurant

Last evening, asked by Ech, I checked out Xu restaurant, one of unfortunate restaurants designed by her (or at least a part by her) :p

She asked me to do it for quite a while, but I was lazy and recently I don’t frequent chic places. But yesterday, while searching a place for dinner, I fell on this link and unwisely sent to Ech http://ngoisao.net/News/An-dau/2006/01/3B9B5457/

So she insisted in checking out thing, alluded to the perfume (or something of this kind) she would send me as compensation and as last time I’m quite a cosmetic whore, so evidently I’ll not skip the occasion.

So, okay, Xu, 75 Hai Ba Trung, first floor.

From outside, it’s just a narrow alley guarding by 2 big unpleasant guys. Following the alley, we arrived to comfortable carpeted stairs, looks like stairs in big movie houses. At first floor, in the reception (oh yeah, there’s even a reception), a glamorous white girl (by white, I mean Anglo-Saxon or Franco-German or something but Asian) in white apron came to ask if we wanted to take directly a table or a drink at the bar first.

The design looks okay, cold colors, nice light, the style reminds a little bit Cafe Terrace or the Italian restaurant in Park Hyatt. Very nice and friendly bar.

After taking a table, another girl, who could be considered nice by foreigners (tan, boned, you know what I mean) with excellent English came to take order. I did ask if she was Vietnamese so I could order peacefully in my native language :D She was.

Regarding the menu, there was nothing for 54K VND. The link above, I guess, is quite out of date. It costs about 65-70K for appetizer and 180-200K or more for a main dish (taxes are not included).

So you can imagine after a little hour there, we’ve spent 50 bucks for a dinner for two. When we finished, the tan boned girl came up with a dessert menu, but I wisely decided to take a coffee somewhere else.

PS to Ech: Hey, as I told you, taking pictures in restaurants is not my style :p so no picture for you. But if someday you wanna buy me a dinner there, I’ll be more than ready to accompany you. And think about my property which will come this summer :-D

6 Responses to “Xu restaurant”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    Big tks for the review. U couldn’t imagine how that space look before, especially THAT red carpet staircase :D And the design team is 3 in total, so i’m only partly in charge of the crime. As for the look, u know, we design whore do what clients want, u know … curtain, red carpet and chandelier and stuff, very Starck, very Louis XVI and modern fusion.
    Tip: after spending 50 bucks there, think that at most of Khaisilk’s it costs average 60 per person and think about potential future property lying somewhere at Sephora’s then u feel better ;)

  2. hoaianh Says:

    just, noticed ur blog theme, shoe-inspiring, i mean, sooooo inspiring, niiiiiice.

  3. hoaianh Says:

    yeah, i think it’s gonna be cold, we used air-con ;p.

  4. Linh Says:

    I feel that the interior is a little cold for a restaurant, isn’t it?
    Of course, I haven’t spent $50 there so I don’t know if it’s true but a look at the pic gives me that impression.
    Btw, G. promised me to treat me dinner and cafe in SG one day. Please remember to choose a luxurious one, my dear ;)

  5. FR Says:

    Oh, Linh, you really did’nt understand why THEY (or someone of them) has decided that the interior must be a little cold? ;-)

  6. Linh Says:

    You look cold too, my dear, as I see in your avatar :P

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