16th Apr 2006


Oh yeah, I’ve almost forgotten that it’s Easter sunday although some of you are already on Easter vacation, some of you have already had a quarrel with parents because of Easter lunch. As for any decent atheist, for me a vacation is just a vacation and a lunch is just a lunch!!

And suddenly when I was watching TV before dinner, I saw him, that old (although new) pope, was talking about Easter as a current event which still gives hopes. And I’ve recognized: oh yeah, today is Easter sunday.

Do you think I have some hopes, holy father? It’s almost Monday already. And my little vacation is still in 2 weeks!!

Do you think I have some hopes, holy father? My Easter Sunday is exactly sleepy and uneventful as the sunday before. How can it be different if I’m always sleepy? Dear God, if you can not give me a longer weekend, why don’t you give me a smaller sleep need? I know you’re very busy, but today is your resuscitation so please think about my little hope.

I’m sleepy again, so bed time. See you tomorrow.

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