13th Apr 2006

Ecstasy – Ryu Murakami

Someone has just asked me about my 3 sound-stressful-japanese books I’ve read in last 4 months. So about one of them.


Have finished Ecstasy on a bus from Kratie to Phnom Penh, the first book of trilogy Monologue about pleasure, lassitude and death. Have stoped sometimes because of weird feeling of… lassitude and puzzledom.

It’s surely an easy book to read, not kinda complicated or hard, although its subject. With the subject of SM and drug, the author could easily fall in hideousness, but it seems not. And you can easily continue just because… you wanna know the continuation.

But it’s not a… breakthrough or very well written or something like that. The end is kinda easy and absurd, it leaves a question: why so much twists for that simple result?

Somehow, all that SM thing, that self-destruction and perverted desire to destroy others give some trouble references of japanese culture.

Monologue about pleasure, lassitude and death.

Wondering how are 2 next books, Melancholia and Thanatos?

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