13th Apr 2006

Reading decadence

I gave up finishing The Zahir although it remained only about 50 pages. More I had advanced, more I had gotten bored by déja-vu and predictable feeling. And you lose all desire to read with the feeling that you know where you will arrive. So yesterday, I officially gave up, perhaps with all Paolo Coehlo stuffs (of course it doesn’t mean that his books are not good. I liked Alchemist and Eleven minutes, but as I’ve gotten old, hi hi, and his books are quite similar, so I’ve lost my interest).

After giving up The Zahir, yesterday I took a quick look at my bookshelf, looked for a time killer before sleeping. Honestly there was not many things. Photocopy versions of Acid house and a book of Michael Moore, don’t event recall its name. But last time I’ve been quite spoiled and difficult with everything, and I can not read a photocopy version anymore, too bad printing quality.
A french detective novel. Not in mood for detective stuffs.

Finally I’ve found Perfume of Patrick Suskind, Vietnames version which seemed not so bad. It recalls me the interview with David Chang (some of you know who) for a PR campaign and he said he was reading this book.  Can I call this a promising sign (for the book)? 

In last 4 months, I arrived to finish only 3 books, all japanese more or less, and all weird more or less so Ecstasy (R. Murakami), Norvegian Wood (H. Murakami) and Never let me go (Ishiguro). Wondering if I have some problem with taste or with lifestyle. Perhaps both :-D.

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  1. Hieu Says:

    I gave up Coelho’s books long ago … they all seem too much idealism / romanticism for me, at least at the moment. Actually I’m reading nothing now … so degraded :((

  2. FR Says:

    Should I read 11 minutes?

  3. today20 Says:

    Yup, I think you’ll like it. Nice and sexy :p

  4. hoaianh Says:

    Now my confession, during the holiday I read The farewell waltz, found it extremely boring and dated, Kundera undeniably has stopped triggering me.
    I did catch a view of V for Vendetta, and I think it’s really good entertainment, don’t know if it’s available in Sg yet, Natalie Portman is nothing special, poor Agent Smith cannot show his face once but the story is good.
    Crash escapes me, everytime we went to hire it, some one already did it before us :(, destiny!
    Final decadence: I watched the entire world championship of … snooker, héhé, I finally got some names and the rules.
    And Ha, your reading list makes me wonder if I should introduce you with my friend, u guys read the same books, hahaha… That, I tell u, we’re born original but all die copied :P:P:P

  5. today20 Says:

    He’ he’, guess when you come back (will you?) you can have a snooker match with me :p

    PS: you still have an illusion, my girl, we’re all born copied too :-D By the way, I’ll not say no to one of my copies :-D

  6. hoaianh Says:

    Bang, then the clinging hope is gone now :P

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