09th Apr 2006

The best of youth (La Meglio gioventù)

“Once you begin it, you’ll finish it”. You’ve raison this time ;-) although you do not always but I do :-p

I’ve watched this 358-minutes-movie in 2 days, the first part yesterday, till 1:30AM and the second part, whole afternoon today.

It was such a simple story, no “innovation”, ” new concept” or something like that, just a family over 40 years, beginning with a far far away summer which has changed life of some. Simple, natural and moving.

Many things have touched me:

Italian historical events which remind our actual time:

– Transparent banks, transparent taxes… All will be transparent.
– Do you think we can do it?
– Others can, so why not us?
– I mean Italians, can we do it? People here doesn’t like transparency…

The determination of youth to have a better country and a better future:

– We engage to raise our children in respect to others
– We engage to develop the sense of responsability
– We engage to develop the sense of justice
– We engage not to follow actual bad morals
– We engage not to ask as a favor what is our legal right
– We engage to resist violent mafias
– We engage to love others as brothers
– We engage not to forget Giovanni Falcone

The hope:

– Why do sad things but nice ones seem always natural?

And more than all, love and compassion.

The movie reminds me also about my 2 years aboard, that atmosphere, that spirit, that “way”.

Good acting, funny and smart dialog. I’ve also found some very “me” stuffs which made me laugh:

– The genre “I have always reason”.
– Exactly as you are!

and also my belief that perhaps someday as Nicola, I will find its limit: “It was my concept of freedom. I thought everybody had right to live the way they wanted to do. But is there freedom to die?“.

Love the movie. Will rewatch it someday.

3 Responses to “The best of youth (La Meglio gioventù)”

  1. FR Says:

    It’s Jasmine Trinca. She was so beautiful, so innocent in Romanzo criminale. I like her angel beauty, but she acts not so well. How about The best of youth?

    After the trip to Venise, I really appreciate Italy. It’s a pleasure to watch Italien movies, but it seems that I know almost nothing about Italien cinema.

  2. FR Says:

    Italian xxx

    PS: xxx = movie or cinema!

    Anyway, no problem for your comprehension ;-)

  3. today20 Says:

    She was great in The best of youth although she was not the main character. The movie is really long, but nice.

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