08th Apr 2006

Weekend begins…

… at 2:30PM today with a nap till 5:00PM.  So already one day has passed. Tomorrow is Sunday, normally I’ll wake up at 10:30 and after tomorrow, Monday, sigh.

After 2 no-sport and no-breakfast weeks, I’ve lost some hundreds grammes. But to achieve the 3-kg-objective, perhaps I shoud do something more intensive but less hungry. Yes, in last 18 months, I’ve token 3 kilos (dunno how), so I’m doing some mediocre efforts to find back my ideal slim figure before becoming a big fat girl :-D (or woman, if you like this word better).

Okay, so went to swimming pool this afternoon but after 2 ass-on-chair weeks, it was only with a huge determination (wow, “determination” sounds not very me) I’ve arrived at my normal 20 lengths. Mind you, it’s only 25m for a length.

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