11th May 2006

A lie map

I saw a travel map in a blog of someone else, so I’ve decided to do mine. So you can see it, and, if you know me well, you can see as well as me how it’s a lie.

Looking at this map, people can think I have been in kinda 1/4 of this world. And I have not.

Frankly, I have been only in Moscow and in a summer camp which was about 20 km from Moscow (or perhaps only 10, who knows) and not the huge Russia. Same with China, I was in Pekin. I visited also a palace of Tu Hi woman and a part of Great Wall which was also not far from Pekin, you know all that touristic stuff.

I’m not a traveller, I can not say without shame “been there done that” stuff. I’m kinda lazy gal sometimes surprisingly find myself somewhere far from home.

Hey, perhaps I’ll like a cities map better for exemple. So you can see some red points here and there on my map. It’ll be franker and cooler rite?

By the way, this is my humble wishlist already posted on a friends blog, I put it here as a reminder :-D (không theo thứ tự ưu tiên nào)

– Spain: Andalusia and Madrid
– Portugal: Lisbon
– France: Corse and Cannes
– Italia: Rome, Venice, Milan
– Danmark: Copenhagen (just for Andersen :-p )
– Czech: Prague
– Switzerland: Geneve
– Austria: Vienna
– Egypte: some Pyramids, Nil and desert :-D (I don’t like trekking very much but a little trip on camels sounds great :-D )
– Peru: MachuPicchu
– US: New York, Grand Canyon, New Orleans
– Tahiti (I love islands)
– Seychelle (also a creole island, seems paradisiac)
– China: Shanghai
– Japan: Kyoto
– India: Bombay, and somewhere you can see gurus, people with snake dance, and stuffs like that :-D . Sorry gurus, just kidding :-D )
– Dubai (just for some shops) :-D

4 Responses to “A lie map”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    US and Canada, one more city each and it will look like u’ve been to half of the world.

  2. Hieu Says:

    and Brasil, India, Australia. The map will looks even more impressive!

  3. Hieu Says:

    – I’ve been to Dubai more than once, nothing interesting …
    – Austria: Probably this summer, 2 months …
    – Spain / Egypt: These countries are so stubborn, stay in my wishlist for so long :(
    – US: Would like to go there once, but it seems we don’t have “duyen”. Not so much interested anyway.
    – Japan: Probably by the end of this year.
    – Italy: Yeah, not like US, we are in love with each other :-D Will reunion soon in Sept ^^
    – Portugal / Denmark: 2nd choices.
    – France: I’ll be in the south of France in … just 3 days, for total 7 days!!!

    Just to trigger someone’s desires :P:P

  4. today20 Says:

    Yeah, there’s a whole world out there and I’m still here, bad-tempered, scold everybody for everything. I definitely need a vacation hu hu.

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