04th May 2006

No cellphone day

What’s happened if you forget your cellphone at home?

You still go to work.

People who you have business with and who can not reach you on your cellphone fortunately all know your office phone.

Your colleague will transfer to you a phone call from “your mom” (sound childish hein?).

Although cellphone has spoilt you and you have in mind not more than 10 telephone numbers,  surprisingly in that 10 numbers there’s the one of the guy you’re supposed to have lunch with (5 minutes to recall the number anyway).

Some colleagues have asked you to contact someone, but contact numbers, evidently, were in your cellphone book.

You know that there were some miss calls and miss messages, and senders could imagine loads of tragedies because of your silence, but you can do nothing.

And you come back home after a crazy dinner (another surprise, people who goes down from Hanoi can handle to take you for dinner without reach you by cellphone), have a senseless chat with your parents, write a senseless blog entry and delay the moment you go upstair, take the phone and see all miss things on it.

But I should go to take my phone now.

Update: Damn damn damn, 19 miss calls and 8 miss messages and my phone can only save last 10 miss calls. So 9 lost forever. I think I know callers of 3 or 4 in these 9 (dept chasers). For the rest, God bless them.

4 Responses to “No cellphone day”

  1. Hieu Says:

    I can see one thing more important than cellphone. It’s your blog :P You managed to write it even before reaching for your phone. That’s incredible! :S

  2. today20 Says:

    I managed to do some other things too, just to avoid the moment I take it and see HUGE miss things on it. It’s insupportable :-(

  3. hoaianh Says:

    I forgot my mobile phone once, that enrages my boss, the secretary at the university, my parents, perhaps my friend, but i manages to stay cool by forgetting it several times more (meaning about 10)

  4. today20 Says:

    By the way, who is your “boss”? Don’t you tell me that you call that big fat vietnamese your boss? :p (if you do, it’s okay :p )

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