07th May 2006

She’s the man – Another teen movie

One more teen movie for this year. I was 10 minutes late (okay okay girls, this time is all on me, actually it was not me but my clock Image) so I missed a little bit but I’ve totally understood the story.

It’s funny, dreamy, fantastic and unreal as all Hollywood teen girly movies. According to imdb, it’s a “modernization of the original “Twelfth Night, or What You Will” by William Shakespeares”. Wow, Shakespeares, the name normally makes you take off your hat, but okay, don’t be scared, if you don’t read imdb, it’ll be just a teen movie with hot guys (or perhaps a hot guy only, love his lips Image) playing football (not really my speciality but okay, football matches in this movie look more exited than real ones Image, I mean for me).

If it’s a modernization of something of Shakespeares so it means Mr. Shakespeares did write some la’ ca?i funny things in his life too. Sorry sir for my ignorance, I have never ever liked plays, you know, especially plays of old dead people.

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