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30th Jun 2006

Sounds very much sci-fi, but it’s already happened

Google goes to court to defend its ranking methods

By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service


Google will try to convince a judge on Friday to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges the heart of the company’s business: its methods for indexing and ranking Web pages.

In March, Google was sued by, which alleges it suffered crippling financial harm after its Web site got dropped from the search engine’s index.

The case reflects the enormous impact of search engines on the business world at large. It has become crucial for many businesses to rank well in search engine results. An entire industry has sprouted to serve this “search engine optimization” need.

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google wields the strongest influence. Having a Web site that ranks low or disappears altogether from the Google index can have devastating effects for a company. This is what alleges happened to it.

“It’s a very important case for many reasons. Everyone uses search engines, so the question is: Are you seeing true and faithful results?” said Gregory Yu,’s attorney.

“Google shouldn’t have completely free range to be able to remove sites or hit them with a zero PageRank,” he added, referring to the patented technology at the heart of Google’s algorithmic ranking. is charging Google, among other things, with violating its right to free speech; illegally using a monopoly position to harm competitors; engaging in unfair practices and competition; committing defamation and libel; and violating the Federal Communications Act. The Web publisher seeks a class action certification for the lawsuit, damages and injunctive relief, among other things.

In motions filed in May, Google argues that Judge Jeremy Fogel, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division, should dismiss the lawsuit, saying that the case boils down to one essential question: Should search engines or should courts determine Web sites’ relevancy? “If KinderStart were right … neither Google nor any other search engine could operate, as it would constantly face lawsuits from businesses seeking more favorable positioning,” Google’s motion reads.

Google also asks the judge to strike three of the suit’s counts, alleging they violate Google’s exercise of free speech in connection with a public issue. This is prohibited under a California law called the Anti-SLAPP statute, Google argues., based in Norwalk, Calif., began publishing a Web site for parents of children under 7 years old in May 2000 and in 2003 the site joined Google’s AdSense ad network, according to the complaint. Yet, starting in March and April 2005, the Web site suffered a “cataclysmic” fall in traffic of about 70 percent and a drop in AdSense revenue of about 80 percent, from which it hasn’t recovered, and which the company blames on its removal from the Google index. claims it has never been notified by phone, mail or in person of the reason for its Web site’s exclusion. Google states in its Web site that it reserves the right to remove Web sites from its index for various reasons. states it hasn’t knowingly violated any of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

In February, Google decided to remove the German Web site of car maker BMW for allegedly trying to deceive its search robot to gain higher placement. Days later Google reincorporated the site to its index, saying BMW had undone the offending changes, although BMW never admitted any wrongdoing.

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27th Jun 2006

Illusions and marriage

– People get married because they feel long term commitment.

– Perhaps I’ll feel it someday Image

– You’ll get married because it’ll provides long term commitment to you, so you will have it after marriage, not as an urge to get married.

– If I have no urge, so why get married? Image

– Because it’s a social norm, and because sometimes you feel a long term contract can be good, better than no contract, or because you want to try a new experience. People have expectation and even illusion, but people living for today like you, there are no expectation and no illusion.

– I still have expectations and many illusions, me too. If I have not, I’m already Buddha. Or Zorba Image

– Like what? A handsome and gentle man with >1000$/month? Image

– Hi hi, other normal illusions too. I have all girlish illusions, I only have not feeling for eternity.

– Not eternity but future. You have no illusion or expectation for future.

– Sometimes I have, hi hi, I don’t know Image.

– Sometimes you have but you don’t believe, so it’s not expectation or illusion.

– Perhaps you’re right. That’s why I have huge respects for people who believe. No belief is also kinda illusion but negative. And you miss things with that kind of illusion. Image

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26th Jun 2006

“Girls… something happened…”

… are some words that I’ve arrived to catch in this russian song Image Okay, don’t laugh, I’m damn sure that it’s already better than some of you although I leaved Russia a long long time before you did Image.

What a cute song which makes me sway and makes me smile Image. You’ll say it’s not that hard to make me sway and smile, but still, love the song. It sounds so much… like me Image, although I don’t really get what the girl said (I mean what the girl sang) Image

Devushky fabrichnue

Sparnhamy xvetraiutxia

Y nagda (…)

Shtoto palutraiutxia Image

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26th Jun 2006

What my face says :-?

What Your Face Says
At first glance, people see you as driven and ambitious.

Overall, your true self is engaging and outgoing.

With friends, you seem thoughtful and interested in ideas.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem cheerful and optimistic.

What Do People Think Of Your Face?

Hmm, normally at first glance, people see me as cheerful and optimistic. Image

Overall, my true self is thoughtful and interested in ideas.  Image

With friends, I’m engaging and outgoing. Image

In love, I’m driven and ambitious Image

In stressful situations, I’m mysterious and interesting Image

So in general the test is exact, just badly arranged Image.

PS: dạo này mình đúng là vô công rồi nghề Image

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25th Jun 2006

Caucasian music

3 hôm trước ngồi ăn ở hàng chè Hà Ký ở Châu Văn Liêm, nhớ ra Giang Nam (some of you know him) vì ngày xưa có lần anh dắt 2 con giời ơi đất hỡi trong đấy có mình đi ăn đúng hàng chè này. Nhớ cả việc hồi đó mình bảo: “anh ở đấy (chả nhớ ở đấy là ở đâu) đi ra đây ăn chè thì như ở Hà Nội em lên Nghĩa Đô ăn chè à?”

6 năm không gặp, lâu lắm lắm không chat chit liên lạc gì, con giời ơi đất hỡi kia đã kịp lấy chồng và có con, tự dưng hôm nay anh gọi trên Yahoo Messenger. Chat lung tung vô thưởng vô phạt rồi anh gửi cho 1 đống mp3 nhạc lung tung, chắc lúc nào chat mà không biết nói gì có thể gửi nhạc, trong đấy có bài này, bảo là cóp của 1 thằng người Caucasus nên mình đồ là nhạc Caucasus, nghe là lạ dễ thương. Còn 1 đám nhạc Nga nghe cũng hay hay mà mình lười up.

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24th Jun 2006

To buy or not to buy?!

Will I look too much “cưa sừng làm nghé” with this bag? What do you think?

Have visited some shops today for a birthday gift. Came back home with a lipstick, a blush, a top and some DVDs for me Image. Will have another search for the gift tomorrow Image.

My shopping mate said if we kept on driving with eyes sticked to windows like that, we would soon share a hospital room.

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19th Jun 2006

Protected: Monday

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19th Jun 2006

Les oiseaux qu’on met en cage peuvent-ils encore voler?

– Souviens-toi d’un jour de foire
– Où l’on m’avait mis à la roue

– Quand je t’ai donné à boire
– Je suis tombé à genoux

On est devenus ce jour-là
Amis à la vie à la mort
Il se passe entre toi et moi
Quelque chose de tell’ment fort

(Notre Dame de Paris)

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14th Jun 2006

Mythologies and vacation

Hi guys, just finished my beautiful life on the beach and come back to unhealthy life in Saigon Image Okay, I don’t write this for complaining but about Mythologies of Roland Barthes (his name sounds a little bit like Mr. Barthez the goalkeeper. But it’s another story).

I have the book for quite a while, and it dragged at home months and months as last time I could not finish even a Vietnamese book. Image

How did I have it? I guess it begun with a conversation with Ech, don’t really remember how it was but the name of Barthes was mentioned. Actually I know he wrote Le degrée zéro de l’écriture, and as every decent, serious and reasonable people, I have no intention to read it! Image

So Ech said “hey, try Mythologies, he wrote about myths of modern life: fashion and all”. Don’t remember exactly what she said but I’m sure there was the word “fashion” in it. And you know, for me “fashion” means clothes, bags, shoes and stuffs Image.

So I managed to have a copy for free. It’s not the original version but English one.

And you can imagine my deception where I found no “fashion” in it Image So it dragged at home months and months.

Don’t know why I brought the book with me to Phan Thiet. Perhaps it was just like that, the book was there and I took it. Perhaps because it’s thin.

And it has turned to funny, charming, smart and easy-reading essays. Don’t know why but the style recalls me Nguyen Tuan a little bit.  I haven’t read it from beginning to end but only essays I’ve found “relevant” Image. So you can understand my choices: “Striptease”, “Novels and Children”, “Toys”, “The face of Garbo”, “Wine and Milk”, “Operation Margarine”…

I’ll put some of essays here next time.

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11th Jun 2006

Quelques nouvelles de Phan Thiet

Tout à coup je ne peux plus écrire en anglais!!! Bizarre, peut être à cause de ma maladie. Quelques breves infos:

– Me suis baignée qu’une fois!!
– J’ai fait faire un massage (oui, une petite luxure qu’on peut se permettre)
– Tombé horriblement malade hier: la fièvre, les vomissements, mal partout… vous pouvez imaginer. Mais aujourd’hui suis déjà fresh comme une fleur (heureusement).
– Et je crois que je  resterai une journée de plus ici, “khong co mo thi cho van dong”, alors ma chère Sai Gon, on va se revoir mardi, ca te fera du bien à ne pas me voir pour quelques jours.
– Aux Saigonais: si vous avez les trucs à me dire, vous savez bien comment me joindre.

A bientot,

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