27th Jun 2006

Illusions and marriage

– People get married because they feel long term commitment.

– Perhaps I’ll feel it someday Image

– You’ll get married because it’ll provides long term commitment to you, so you will have it after marriage, not as an urge to get married.

– If I have no urge, so why get married? Image

– Because it’s a social norm, and because sometimes you feel a long term contract can be good, better than no contract, or because you want to try a new experience. People have expectation and even illusion, but people living for today like you, there are no expectation and no illusion.

– I still have expectations and many illusions, me too. If I have not, I’m already Buddha. Or Zorba Image

– Like what? A handsome and gentle man with >1000$/month? Image

– Hi hi, other normal illusions too. I have all girlish illusions, I only have not feeling for eternity.

– Not eternity but future. You have no illusion or expectation for future.

– Sometimes I have, hi hi, I don’t know Image.

– Sometimes you have but you don’t believe, so it’s not expectation or illusion.

– Perhaps you’re right. That’s why I have huge respects for people who believe. No belief is also kinda illusion but negative. And you miss things with that kind of illusion. Image

7 Responses to “Illusions and marriage”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    hmmm … me too, feel no urge for this social norm :D, may be not yet.
    However, freedom is not free, because u have to pay lots of things yourself, with marriage comes huge benefit of having someone paying the bill, meaning having many things for free, otherwise, u lose freedom …
    hmmm… what a dilemma…

  2. Hieu Says:

    If you don’t take parents’ pressure and social norm into account, marriage is just like a way to tell others “Hey, our love has reached a level, so high that we decide to risk it (the love) now”, hehe.

    I think freedom and marriage are not opposite terms anymore these days. If you are with someone but not married yet, it doesn’t mean you’re free. Same if the other way around. So, as for me, marriage is not as important as it seems (or used to be). Those who either “must marry” or “must not” actually take marriage too heavy – either a big glory victory or a life’s real burden. I’m not one of those :)

  3. Linh Says:

    For hoaianh, my guess is that you need to pay the bill, well at least the bigger part of it, after marriage. :P
    As for me, I don’t know now if I want to get married or not. It surely comes with certain benefits but also costs, such as it’s more difficult and gulty to flirt around :(.

  4. hoaianh Says:

    ya ya, that’s absolutely right to the other side (male), at least that’s what I hope, hahaha

  5. ngau Says:

    Well, seems that you are still single, Mr. Hieu :D

  6. today20 Says:

    “With marriage comes huge benefit of having someone paying the bill”

    Ooops, not that sure my babe :-p It’s also possible that you lose your freedom and pay double your bills :-D

  7. hoaianh Says:

    Of course I’ll pay the bill, as long as it’s someone else’s money, I’m willing to, really :D.

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