06th Jul 2006

Cocktails for Gatgu


Hi hi I don’t even recall their names, the photo was taken in Siem Riep some months ago.

The red one I think was Red Sunset. Not very sure anyway.  The big one in the right seems Blue lagoon. No idea about the third one :-D, there were some menthol leaves in it.

Principle: look at ingredients and taste anything you find “relevant” Image. Once in Kratie, we took a cocktail named Muddy Mekong, created by the barman there. It looked very “muddy” but tasted okay.

He was funny, the barman. An european, opened a bar at a lost corner of Cambodia with music of the old school. Kratie is a very small and quite town, all shops are closed at 9:00.

Okay, I’m working, ba hoa chích choè thế thôi.

One Response to “Cocktails for Gatgu”

  1. Gatgu Says:

    Hí hí. Đa tạ tỷ tỷ :D
    Công nhận, em có mắt nhìn người ghê, hỏi cái là trúng phóc chiên gia ;)
    Chừng nào rảnh rảnh chiên gia giảng cho em nghe mấy thứ brandy, vodka, gin blah blah cái nào nặng, nhẹ ra làm sao nghe :D

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