29th Jul 2006

My Saturday

– YMDB: Nothing amazing but you can create and share your 20 fav movies. Honestly after creating and leaving some comments, seems there’s nothing else to do. My list for your reference.

– The modest wish of mine turn into a frivolous expensive thing and it makes me feel guilty.

– Go to see Pirates of the Caribbean today. Okay, no harsh comments please, there’s nothing else in Saigon Cinema these days.

– Go to Saigon Square this afternoon, I need a pair of sneakers. Hope that I’ll come back with ONLY a pair of sneakers.

– Mom has refused flatly my suggestion about a dog. Have seen some cutie cockers (or at least look like cockers) sold. I have always liked cockers. My mom’s sweet argument: “When you move out, you can have whatever you want” :-D

8 Responses to “My Saturday”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    G. oi , cai phim so 19 la phim gi ten quai the nho, phien am tieng Tau a?
    Bong nhien phai chon top favourite movie thi cung kho nhi, nhieu qua cha biet chon lua the nao?

  2. today20 Says:

    Phien am tieng Han Quoc =)) chac the. Ten tieng anh la “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring” cua anh Kim Ki-duc. Cach day lau lau tren bao, anh Tony Gatlif co y kien la phim nay co mau sac nhu hoat hinh Walt Disney :-D

  3. hoaianh Says:

    troi oi cu tuong phim gi :D

  4. Hieu Says:

    To cung moi xem phim “Spring, Summer …” gan day. Thay no rat bt, ngoai khoan quay dep ra thi` y tuong cua no qua’ cu~ … nhat la doi voi nguoi chau A, theo hoac biet so so ve dao Phat.

  5. Linh Says:

    Có mấy đoạn cũng hot!

  6. Linh Says:

    Em Ex càng ngày càng tự tin nhỉ :D.

  7. hoaianh Says:

    Hot nhat trong post nay la con cocker (khiep, ten voi tuoi the thao nao cha hot :D)

  8. today20 Says:

    =)) =)) =)) em Ech dao nay thiet la bay ba nha :-D

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