12th Jul 2006


I’m more gay than I thought according to this test! Ouuutch! What a discovery, I thought I was interested in men only!

Took from tidenbz’s blog. It’s funny.


8 Responses to “Ouuuuutch!”

  1. Hieu Says:

    Seems like I’m old-fashioned guy … only 13% gay :S

    “You walking, talking, red-blooded hetero guy. Just way too straight for these mordern times mate!”

  2. Linh Says:

    Funny. I’m 43% gay too.

  3. ngau Says:

    Well, me too 13% gay.

  4. 111Y TO111 Says:

    He he … Me 40% gay.

  5. today20 Says:

    Sau khi nghi lai va thu lai :p muc do gay cua minh da bay xuong con 33% va the la one more time, G is a girlie girlie girl :-D

  6. hoaianh Says:

    Em cung duoc co hon 30%, xem ra cac option cua minh rat it oi :(

  7. ngau Says:

    Quả là 1 sự cố gắng đáng được ghi nhận B-)

  8. Linh Says:

    Ui, minh qua that la open-minded :D

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