14th Sep 2006

Happy birthday mom

Said it already by phone, and I know you can not read this blog (you’re not in my friendlist, evidently, and it’s not a surprise), that’s why I can say all this foolish things in your back hi hi.

Happy birthday, my very dear annoying mom. I miss you a bit when you’re not here and annoy me with your creativeness which gives you everyday new ideas about me and my life Image (hey, don’t you think I have already tons by myself?), with your energy (your daughter is a lazy gal, and you spoiled me, so don’t push me so much please!), with you weakness (that gave me bad conscience sometimes) and your childishness.

Anyway you’re always a friend of mine (you know, kinda friend that I don’t put in my blog friendlist, but you know stuffs about me already, don’t you, better than many other friends). Of course you don’t know many dark sides of the moon, but you don’t need to. Even closest friends have secrets Image.

Okay, I’m not there with you today to entertain you and give you gifts and flowers and flatter you and do all things normally I can do. But I still remember your wishlist. Gift is waitting. Hope you have nice dinner with my bro. Hope he brings you flowers.

Love you, my dearest annoying mom Image.

6 Responses to “Happy birthday mom”

  1. Gatgu Says:

    Happy bday to ur Mom :D

  2. Pittypat Says:

    Chúc mừng sinh nhật mẹ chị nha!

  3. D,D&B Says:

    Ừ, happy birthday my mom =))

  4. today20 Says:

    Yeah, happy birthday to your mom too, by the way you can do it at home and not at mine :-p

    Say thank you for my gift advices :p

  5. D,D&B Says:

    Happy birthday to our mom(s)

  6. Gin & Tonic Says:

    Happy bday to ur mom, btw ur mom sounds like mine :))

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