10th Sep 2006

Match Point


There are moments in a tennis match where the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second, remains in mid-air. With a litte luck, the ball goes over, and you win. Or maybe it doesn’t, and you lose.

Two-cent philosophy, isn’t it?

I was begining to tell myself: ouf, another good-always-wins-and-you’ll-pay-for-your-crime movie, why doesn’t that Woody Allen make it differently! And for my satisfaction, it was exactly the moment for a “turn”.

The “turn” recalled me a little bit Life of Pi. And as Life of Pi, Match Point isn’t one of my favorites, but very watchable anyway.

Because a question remains: is there really no sign of justice, no hope for the possibility of meaning?

Haven’t catched references anyway because seems there were things picked from Crime and Punishment that I haven’t read.

PS: side things: I’m trying to motivate myself for a tennis course. Okay guys, don’t faint away, there are moments in life that you should decide to do some sports, and FYI, I can have free court, free racket and free prof. But in the movie, that poor little Chloe was so clumsy and ridiculous in playing tennis so she discouraged me a lot (I have never been real good in any kind of sports, you know). But lately someone harasses me so much about taking that course, so it seems I have no choice but give it a try.

4 Responses to “Match Point”

  1. hoaianh Says:

    o cai Match Point nam ngoai duoc ca ngoi nhieu phet, turn out OK nhung cung khong xuat sac may, duoc cai van co cai chat mia mai no moral kieu Woody Allen. Hom truoc doc Le Monde thay no bao phim sap lam cua bac ay la “Tout le monde dit I love you” day :D

  2. FR Says:

    ủa sao lại “sắp làm”? Tout le monde nó ra từ 97 cơ mà nhỉ?

  3. Linh Says:

    Bác Allen này hình như cũng ảnh hưởng của cụ Dost, với lại thích làm parody nhạo cụ ấy thì phải, nhớ bác ấy có phim Crime and Misdemeaners (chưa xem) chắc là nhái cái tên Crime and Punishment, với lại trước có đọc một bài báo của bác ấy nhái cái truyện Notes from Underground.
    Life of Pi đọc cũng OK thôi, đoạn đầu hay hơn, về sau kéo dài quá với lại thêm một tý suy ngẫm với cảm xúc hiền triết đầy tính trưởng giả thành ra hơi phản tác dụng.
    Hôm qua cũng xem 1 phim comedy hay phết, tuy hơi nhố nhăng là Blazing Saddles (1974). So good mặc dù nửa cuối hơi nhạt hơn nửa đầu.

  4. today20 Says:

    Life of Pi em chỉ thích chương cuối cùng :-D Con đường đi đến đó thì hơi dài và hơi Robison Crusoe quá :-D Với ý tưởng tương tự, vẫn thấy Sinclair là brighter.

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