20th Oct 2006

Blow up the moon and see what happens!

Quite funny idea, isn’t it? Image

Stabilizing our Weather by Destroying the Moon

A University professor  has  a  moonstruck  solution  to the Earth’s weather problems.  He wants to blow  up  the moon – or at least send it somewhere else.

“It’s the only way to rid the world of scorching deserts  and  artic winters,” says Professor  Alexander  Abian,  a  mathematician at the University of Iowa.  He claims that  by getting rid of the moon, the Earth will then be able to shift into a “more desirable orbit.”

The suggestion which has been greeted with hoots  and  hollers  from the world’s scientific  community, has been presented by the 65-year old Armenian-born expert to the American government.

Abian suggests strategically placed hydrogen bombs on the Earth’s satellite can either blow it apart, or send it careening  into outer space, maybe even  into  the  sun.  It all depends where you put the charges, he says.

“We’ve been held hostage by the moon  for 5 million years, and we’ve been subjected to violent extremes in weather, not  to  mention that the planet is slowly becoming a desert.

“It’s time for  a  change.”   The change would make our weather less extreme, turn our deserts into fertile farm land, and make the north and south polar regions livable.

But other scientists disagree, suggesting  the  professor  might  be moonstruck.  “If you lose the moon, you LOSE THE TIDES.   And if you melt the polar  caps,  you’re  going  to flood the seacosts of every continent,” one scientist explains.

Another climate expert says blowing  up  the  moon  would turn Earth into “a bleak, seasonless planet, not to mention  the  fact  that we would lose the tides.”

British astronomer Patrick  Moore  suggests Professor Abian “must be as nutty as several fruitcakes.”

Famed romance writer Barbara Cartland offers the best  argument against Abian’s plan. Without moonlight, she says,  love would flee the Earth.  “People  long  for  romance  and  no professor should be allowed to rob them of it,” she says.



“And all that is now
And all that is gone
And all that’s to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”
(Pink Floyd)

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