06th Dec 2006

Frozen in Saigon

I’m dying frozen. Actually it’s awfully hot in Saigon nowadays, but the AC in my office is CRAZY. Once you enter the office, you’re in antarctica. Okay, I have never been in antarctica, but if you ask me how I imagine about it, it’ll be surely my office these days.

I have applied some primitif methods so turn it off and on every 15 minutes. It works but I can not say it’s wonderful. I did complain with everybody, no feedback. I’ve brought a huge pullover and put it on my summer dress. Should I bring also hoses to put them on at office and take them off each time I run out?!

2 Responses to “Frozen in Saigon”

  1. Hieu Says:

    The air conditioner thinks you miss winter in Hanoi and in Europe :P

  2. Hoang Says:

    What a predicament! I’m dying roasted here :(( My office has no ventilation and the heating is always overheated. To add more troubles, they even invented this central control system which mean I can not have it turned on & off every 15 minutes :( A cooler keeping you too cold and heater keeping me too hot, funny though.

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