20th Mar 2007

Sự vô công rồi nghề, chủ nghĩa tiêu thụ và các chuyện khác

Okay, okay, I know I’m lazy vô công rồi nghề and everything gal, and while I’m taking non sense quizes, writting non sense things and wasting my time on entertaining and everything, out there people are working, fighting, dying, going to jail and all.

But I can not help but to be a lazy vô công rồi nghề gal. You can not be better than you are, can you?

Okay, all this foreword is for the fact that I’ve just taken this silly quiz that tell me about my sexy style. Okay, you’ll say perhaps I’m not confident enough in my style if I have a need to take this quiz. I do agree with you. Anyway what more interesting can you do in a rainy Saigon afternoon? Yes, it rains in March in Saigon. It sounds romantic, “it rains in March in Saigon”. Sounds like “Il pleut sur Bruxelles”. If you don’t know, that French thing is a Dalida’s song. Check it out in a rainy day.

Back to the quiz, below is my result. It reveals that my sexy sister soul who has the same sexy style as I do is Jennifer Aniston. It’s not that bad although I wish I have the same style as Monica Berlucci for exemple, “femme fatale” you know. But Jen is not bad anyway. She looks “safe”. Perhaps she is not really safe but sometimes only what you look matters.


The quiz even reveal which clothes I should wear and which shoes I should buy. Yup, here we go. Everything leads to consumerism. Another confess: just spent thoughtlessly for a Pierre Cardin dress and now I have bad conscience about. Although I never heard about Michael Kors or Stuart Weitzman but shoes recommended are a little bit my style. Not that high of course. What do you think about?

Your appeal is that you’re subtly sexy

While you may not be sending out a vampy vixen vibe all the time, you know when you look smokin’, and it shows. Your clothes tend to be a bit more tailored, yet you know how to accentuate your positive assets.

You haven’t been working out at the gym all this time for nothing. You love the high-end styles of designers like Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman, but since money doesn’t grow on trees, you have perfected the art of paring a pricey jacket back to a sexy halter top from the good old Gap. Learn how a pair of sexy shoes can also kick things up a notch for you. Here’s your subtly sexy soul sister!

12 Responses to “Sự vô công rồi nghề, chủ nghĩa tiêu thụ và các chuyện khác”

  1. gt Says:

    I don’t think this is also my result :D But must say ok with: “You haven’t been working out at the gym all this time for nothing. You love the high-end styles of designers”

  2. FR Says:

    Hihihi, kết luận “kể cũng đúng đấy” của bạn Linh kể cũng đúng đấy!!!

    Mình cũng cố gắng xem thử mình kiểu bạn nào, nhưng phần lớn số câu hỏi mình ko có đủ culture để trả lời :(

  3. Linh Says:

    Kể cũng đúng đấy. Jennifer Aniston đúng thuộc type ban đầu anh không thích lắm khi xem Friends, nhưng càng về sau càng thích. She’s a 100% woman.

    Ôi, cháu Pitty sexy kiểu Angelina Jolie cơ à. :D

  4. Pittypat Says:

    You are one sexy siren!

    Look out, Angelina Jolie — there’s a new foxy lady in town! Your style says, “I am woman, hear me purrrrrr,” but you know just where to draw the line so you don’t cross over into trashy. Black is your best friend, but you love red too because it brings out the devil in you. Your favorite designers tend to be Dolce and Gabbana and Jimmy Choo, but you have a knack for making even a simple Banana Republic skirt look oh so naughty.

    Em thề là em không hiểu đến 80% những lựa chọn bọn ivillage này đưa ra. Desperate Housewives em chưa xem; đồ make-up em có mang theo chả có lựa chọn nào giống… hehehe, thế mà kết quả ra thành thế này đây. :D

  5. hoaianh Says:

    i don’t know how but this post doesn’t sound like Dalida but you manage to sound like NY kid doing rapping :D. The ton suits the title anw.
    Congratulations, this confirms we’re soulmate. Although we know about sadism and stuff, we remain “subtly sexy” – which i think is another expression of “not sexy enough”, safe and
    normal as labelled “Vietnamese woman”. Although the shoes recommended above are not my style, Jen Aniston is good enough (meaning we’re destined for Brad Pitt, despite the short time).

  6. zim Says:

    kể ra giống Berlucci thì thích hơn thật :P. Nhưng mà đôi giày kể trên hơi già so với chị, em nghĩ chị phù hợp với mấy thứ hồng hồng tím tím hơn (ha ha ha)

  7. hoaianh Says:

    Hehe em cung tra loi bua bai di, chu em cung dau du culture, ngay ca co nao la co nao trong Desperate Housewives con khong nho. Hen chi no ra “subtly sexy”, roi lai con recommend may doi giay not really my style, chi co em Jen la dung minh, bitchy het cho che, hi´hi´ hi´.

  8. K. Hâm Says:

    Túm lại là…đôi giày mới chứ giề!

  9. gt Says:

    He he she’s a 100% woman anh Linh ơiiiiiiii :D

  10. today20 Says:

    ;)) ngạc nhiên chưa :p

  11. Pittypat Says:

    :)) cháu cũng trả lời bừa mà bác Linh :D. Chả hiểu sao nó lại thế :D

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