26th May 2007

Nothing about movies

Don’t really understand all the fuss about Pan’s Labrynth. It’s watchable and nice but absolutely not extraordinary or exceptionally brilliant. Or perhaps I don’t get its brilliance.

Will continue the rate R Shortbus tonight.

Just glanced at a good review about Free Writers. Saw it in DVD store some days ago and didn’t take it after a small hesitation. Will take it next time.


The photo is a scene from the Shortbus that I haven’t seen.

5 Responses to “Nothing about movies”

  1. Linh Says:

    Em G. chọn cái hình “bậy” thế :P.
    Shortbus anh chịu chả hiểu có gì hay, sex loạn xạ.

  2. Linh Says:

    Pan’s Labyrinth thì anh thấy hay, từ nội dung, diễn xuất tới quay phim, kỹ xảo, chứ không chỉ là “nice” với “wathchable”, anh nghĩ là một trong các phim hay nhất năm vừa rồi.

  3. Linh Says:

    Xem phim sẽ thấy là bậy :P

  4. gt Says:

    Cái pic này nhìn siêu thực nhỉ. Đôi giầy đỏ sexy thế, “bậy” đâu bậy chưa he he

  5. hoaianh Says:

    I like the crazy Shortbus, most interesting film seen last year. Best film seen last year had to be The lives of others. From last year, I think i like The departed too.
    With Labyrinth, I kept waiting for something brilliant to happen, it never came. I got excited once in the part when the girl got chased by the monster, because I was so angry about the predictability of her stupidity. Maybe one will catch its brilliance from wordy argument on imdb, I didn’t. I simply hate stupid character, this girl in Labyrinth is one.
    Watched Donnie Darko yestarday and still lost :D

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