26th Jun 2007


1. The world has known or Nasi rice and Murakami

“I don’t eat anything but chicken salad here. Ever. If you ask me, the only thing worth eating at Denny’s is the chicken salad. I’ve had just about everything on the menu. Have you ever tried their chicken salad?”

Mari shakes her head.

“It’s not bad. Chicken salad and crispy toast. That’s all I ever eat at Denny’s.”

“So why do you even bother looking at the menu?”

He pulls at the wrinkles in the corner of one eyes with his little finger. “Just think about it. Wouldn’t it be too sad to walk into Denny’s and order chicken salad without look at the menu? It’s like telling the world, “I come to Denny’s all the time because I love the chicken salad”. So I always go through the motion of opening the menu and pretending I picked the chicken salad after considering other things”.

(After Dark – Haruki Murakami)

Actually it’s exactly what I did today, I walked into Highland cafe and ordered a Nasi rice and an Earl Grey tea without even touch the menu. So the world has known that I came to Highland all the time because I love Nasi rice and Earl Grey tea. Perhaps next time the world will know also that I love rum raisin ice cream or strawberry yoghourt or Very Bery Paradise.

I read these lines at Highland cafe too. The book is dedicated to Ms. GT, so she can think about go down to Saigon to take it. Or wait for my next visit to Hanoi . And say thank you to you-know-who.

2. This is my zippo collection

One is supposed to be my birthday gift. FYI, it’s coming in a month and 23 days, so be prepared

The other one is a no-occasion-gift. Or if you want, an occasional gift

I’m already a spoiled child, I mean a spoiled 28-years-old-matured-woman , so that kind of occasional gift is not very good for my education, I mean for my professional attitude . Anyway thank you very much, the photo is real fab, the card is exceptionally sweet and the rest is splendid.

3. Lovely chit chat

– Đi về nhà một mình thấy nhơ nhớ con chó

– Đi về nhà một mình thấy nhơ nhớ mình

7 Responses to “Fragments”

  1. Phat Says:

    Hehe, i used to browse up and down the Starbuck coffee menu board and always hesitantly make up my mind for the iced black coffee . :p

    Same goes to in the cafe houses in VN. :D

  2. Linh Says:

    Em bảo username có số điện thoại ở Pháp không thì cho anh, để anh gửi qua bạn ấy cho đỡ tốn tiền ship :D.

  3. gt Says:

    Congratulation for the so cute & useful early birthday gift!!! (and me too :P) Wish you soon visit Hanoi and I’ll say thankyou to H1 & H2 :P

  4. zim Says:

    Nasi rice was my usual breakfast during last month, with Coke and ice and some piecies of lemons and then… toasts with one-side fried eggs. Really really big one!

  5. Linh Says:

    Thôi, em để đi :P

  6. today20 Says:

    Ai gửi thì người đấy để :p ko thì ship :p

  7. today20 Says:

    Anh để lại tin nhắn trên blog em Hoàng ý :p

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