28th Jun 2007

Gossips and new moral norms or should you pay your girlfriend’s rent

Tiếp tục chuyên mục lá cải

– how about that XYZ
– I don’t know, she hasn’t found a place to move in yet
– means she still lives with ABC
– yeah, still with him
– does he want her to move out?
– he does, he told her to move out
– not very nice huh , will he pay her rent?
– is she a whore?
– taking money from a man only is not whory, in case you don’t know that yet
– somehow this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this
– oh, you’re not very updated with new moral norms, are you?
– taking money from only one man, and gifts from a few
– about gifts, you can not refuse birthday gifts, can you?

– no

– so that kind of gifts doesn’t count
– I guess this norm is another communist norm
– oh, I don’t know. it’s universal that a wife can take money from her husband
– yeah
– so as people get married later and later, the norm “wife” now comes to girlfriend, no harm
– but there is a paper between the wife and the staying in girlfriend
– so what, don’t be that bureaucratic
– actually, girlfriend just mean so, you don’t get the money either way, you can only get gifts. Whores and wives don’t give a shit about gifts, they get the cash
– oh, with the new norm, girlfriend takes gifts and you can pay her rent, and you should give regularly gifts to your wife too.

4 Responses to “Gossips and new moral norms or should you pay your girlfriend’s rent”

  1. zim Says:

    funny, crazy and truly true :P

  2. Phat Says:

    Question: is it morally wrong now if a man refuses to pay his girl friend rent? ;)

  3. today20 Says:

    With modern norms, actually there are not many “right” and “wrong” things but more or less preferable only ;)

  4. Phat Says:

    Then “morality” is very much an obsolete concept, isn’t it? :p

    Btw, i like the idea of “more or less preferable” because it’s SOOOOO true. Really. Come to think about it, it’s almost always more preferable to one end of the party, and less to the other. :p

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