15th Oct 2007

Congrats :x

In the hospital

– tôi vẫn phải loanh quanh ở ngoài tham gia vào nhóm những ông chồng, cha, mẹ, chị em, chờ đợi

– à, thế nào, những người đợi ý

– khá dumb. Họ bảo: gây tê rồi đấy, lạm dụng thuốc, morphine đấy. tôi bảo không phải là lạm dụng thuốc, không phải là morphine, cái gây tê này rất an toàn, tôi còn giải thích cho họ là làm gây tê này thế nào

– ha ha

– nhưng có vẻ chẳng ai hiểu gì, nên tôi bảo họ tôi là bác sĩ, rồi tôi đi hút thuốc

– thật là giống một phim hài

Congrats, congrats. Welcome Minh Giang to the world

What will be, will be

– he will learn a lot of things, piano ? poetry? programming ? drum? ….etc but until he is outside of a glass door, looking at his baby he won’t know what I know for now

– still a long road

– yeah, pretty long and if he is going to take the same road as I did, there is a good chance that I am not going to see him that day

who knows, who knows

– haha I also think, he will find his mom and dad pretty boring. We have 2 skills we’re proud of: English and internet. but if your dad keeps telling you that he was one of the first in the village who know how to ride a bicycle, wouldn’t you think: hey dad, is there anything to proud of knowing how to ride a bicycle? for him I will be like: you know, I had the best bicycle in the village, and I rode all over to Hoa Binh on a bicycle

– So up to date and tell him something of his era

– oh yeah, but if I have that ability to know what will be in his era, I would be something more than Einstein somehow. I can already see him looking for hours at NASDAQ using all weird words: IPO, EPS, …

– you don’t need to. just watch the TV with him, listen to his music

– wait until you are 38, and see how difficult watching TV and listening to music to you

watch some porn with him and give out comments about girls

haha, I hope he will bring home some viagru for me

10 Responses to “Congrats :x”

  1. zim Says:

    Minh Giang, hihi :P

  2. today20 Says:

    Không phải Nam Giang :p hi hi

  3. Phat Says:

    What will be will be… For now, Congrats to the new dad ! :)

  4. Hoang Says:

    Wow, every dad has his day! What an egg-sea-land news it is :D Welcome Minh Giang to the world :x

    Since Minh Giang’s dad doesn’t write any blog, I’ll leave my comment here instead:

    “if he is going to take the same road as I did, there is a good chance that I am not going to see him that day” <- if he is going to take the same road as you did, there is a good chance that you two will meet somewhere. Your glass is half full, bro ;)) Big hug, big congratulation!

  5. gt Says:

    Hi hi chuc mung chu’ Nam :D Ma chon ten the rat chi la kheo nhe :D Ghep duoc ca voi ten thay ten bu no’ :D

  6. Linh Says:

    Congrats to Minh Giang’s parents.
    Sometimes I think if I try to stay in the US, maybe my future children will have a better future. Well, is that kinda Asian thinking?

  7. today20 Says:

    It absolutely is :)

    Anyway it’s a choice.

  8. Nam Says:

    hehe, bố cháu cảm ơn cả nhà. Bao giờ cháu biết dùng internet, bố cháu sẽ chỉ cho cháu vào đây để viết một cái comment nhé :D

  9. Quang Nb Says:

    Hehe it will be fun :D

  10. Zhanna Says:

    :D The baby is lovely without any doubt :)

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