19th Nov 2007


Dear Ha,

As I mentioned, we do have materials at this moment. Our production can deliver on 14 Dec. from factory (it should be delivered by air freight, but we are not sure if we can book as Xmas is coming) and I’m little worry about production schedule because everyone is busy for production before Xmas.

However, I will check with our people early tomorrow. Our RD will provide comparison table before midnight.

Since we have materials now, we should take any chance to achieve this mission impossible.

I’ll come back to you tomorrow no matter we can make it or not.


Someone mentioned Xmas and I feel touched. For quite a longtime, I haven’t waited for Xmas anymore. It’s a casual day, no day off, nothing special, I even don’t remember if I had any gift. Perhaps I did. And then, someone has mentioned transport difficulties and how busy people have been for Xmas. And suddenly, I feel I wait for something once again, for splendor and party mood and efforts to finish everything before Xmas
and gifts.

Hey D., honestly I do hope you can make it. Still feel that I owe you something. And waiting for childish frivolity sometimes is a nice feeling.

Thank you for your (business) mail.

4 Responses to “Xmas”

  1. FR Says:

    Ko biết sao đọc entry này của em G, mình lại thấy rất rõ cái ko khí Xmas, mà ko hiểu sao lại là Xmas ở New York, nơi mình chưa từng đặt chân tới.

    Chắc tại ảnh hưởng phim ảnh ;-)

    Cá nhân mình ghét Xmas. Những ngày đó đông đúc và ngột ngạt khủng khiếp!

  2. Zhanna Says:

    I really understand what you feel, Ha. In Russia I never celebrated Christmas cause we have it on different day. And when I came to Vietnam I did celebrate it with a person I love and he showed me how wonderful it is. And now I miss it so much…that night, miracle night :)

  3. hoaianh Says:

    Troi, em chi thay SG Xmas la dong vui on ao nhat, may cho khac em da tung o cho nao cung chi dong truoc Xmas con den ngay do thi vang teo buon the tham:D

  4. today20 Says:

    Hey Zhanna, everybody has that cherish moments that we will remember for a longtime, even for life :-) Sometimes these moments keep us warm in a frozen winter :-)

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