23rd Dec 2007

Ai là triệu phú

This guy is absolutely cool.

\u0110\u1ebfn c\u00e2u th\u1ee9 15, khi v\u1eabn c\u00f2n 3 s\u1ef1 tr\u1ee3 gi\u00fap, c\u1eadu n\u00e0y xin tr\u1ee3 gi\u00fap g\u1ecdi \u0111i\u1ec7n tho\u1ea1i cho ng\u01b0\u1eddi th\u00e2n:

Hi Dad, I don\u2019t really need your help, I just wanted to let you know that I gonna win 1,000,000 dollars.

Pretty cool :-D And 1,000,000 dollars is absolutely nice :-D

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  1. hoaianh Says:

    Have been watching this show in several countries, including ours :) Haven’t caught anyone who won 1mil in Australia and France (only 500,000) but caught one in Germany. The guys has been enjoying studying through several university degrees and has no intention to graduate and get a job (which is very common here btw) and when asked what will he do with his 1mil Eur, he answered: another degree :)
    But he is no way as cool as this one :)

  2. Lien P Says:

    Intelligent, rich, cool. Not enough for me :D. To be perfect, he needs to look sexy handsome like Brad Pitt too. (Even though Brad Pitt looks quite aged now, so even Brad Pitt’s beauty is not perfect)

  3. hoaianh Says:

    especially when Euro is so high now hihi :D

  4. today20 Says:

    1mil Eurs is even nicer (than 1mil USD) :-D

  5. Hoang Says:

    Yep, he was absolutely cool in both manner and performance at the show :D But I think Regis (the host) had commited a faux pas by telling John’s dad he was attempting his one million dollar question.

    Generally, most WWTBAM hosts would a avoid informing the “phone-a-friend” person current prize the caller is attempting unless agreed. May be he was too excited. But when you are a game show host, getting too excited is not coool! :))

  6. Gin & Tonic Says:

    He looks quite like Matt Damon huh, in The Good Shepherd.

  7. zim Says:

    mình thì đăng ký thi trò này từ năm 2004 tới giờ, chả có tăm hơi gì. Thiệt là, đang cần tiền :-(

  8. hoaianh Says:

    Howcome in all shows I’ve seen, the host always says that :)
    I still remembered last time, the guy called his friend for the 1 mil question. The friend, knowing this is the 1mil question, answered within 1 second, not letting the host finish the options (absolutely geek!!!)

  9. Hoang Says:

    Oh really? :D In some of the show I’ve seen, I noticed that the host could give out this information without asking contestants first. But mostly, they would seek opinion from the player if he/she want it to be spelled out (this is especially true when the game is in a critical stage e.g. when reaching the 32K milestone and on all attempts after that). May be the logical reason behind this is that it gives a player options whether he want to put burden ( or pressure) on his friend’s shoulder or not? :-p

  10. hoaianh Says:

    i don’t know, but it’s fun to hear “1 million? 0hhhhh my God!” anyway :))

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