08th Feb 2008

About academics

Câu hay nhất đọc được trong ngày:

A professor may inherit lots of money, marry lots of money, and spend lots of money, but he or she is never, never supposed to earn lots of money; it’s unacademic.

He he Mind you academics. This quote is from an unacademic professor.

10 Responses to “About academics”

  1. Huong Says:

    I hate to have to disagree with you on the 3rd day of the New Year. Perhaps I am naive but I do believe this (and the coming ones) is the age where good prefessors, good writers, good movie-makers… in short, any good producers of intellectual products (and by “good” I mean really good – visionary and all) will make money and that will be the next hot thing in academics. Their products will sell and they will be rewarded; perhaps not as much as publishers, schools, or those guys making profit by distributing and/or investing in intellectual products but they will have their share.

    That said, I refuse to be a poor writer and I refuse to be a poor professor even though I don’t go into writing and/or teaching for money. The reason? As I told you, my parents’ house will sell for billions and billions. I won’t settle for anything less than 15 billions from that house. Is that considered “lots of money?” yet, I think so (for now) :)

  2. Nhị Linh Says:

    hihi, so academics have to search for sources of money before starting their research works: that is an academic lesson

  3. today20 Says:

    Hey Tiny, so you’re writer/professor who inherits lots of money then :p

    Just kidding, but don’t take things so serious :-) I just put the quote here because I’ve found it funny. Btw it’s a quote from a rich professor (who earns lots of money), as an ironic speaking about his own environment where “teachers are supposed to be “dedicated,” or so politicians and administrators often say, —especially when trying to justify the low academic pay scales”.

    Just wanna say that funny things perhaps are not universal truths, but they’re still funny (or at least I think so) :-)

  4. Khuê Việt Says:

    Naive and visionary are not the same? Hmm…For better or worse (for me hehe), I thought they were indistinguishable.

    Happy New Year, let me talk without fear (of being stoned after being stoned).


  5. Huong Says:

    Ha: hehe, I was only joking chu bay gio ve nha toan bi goi la “nguoi o tre^?n” vi I have little idea about anything money-related; cu buoc mot buoc ra khoi nha la me goi dien thoai 3 lan trong vong 1 tieng vi so to bi lua :)

    Personally thi I am and will be very content with a middle-class academic lifestyle :)

    Khue Viet: Agree with you that naive and visonary is like twin sister; the difference is sometimes called “luck.”

    Nhi Linh: they are for sale but too bad, most of us can’t afford them. Academians like me can only dream about them or about having parents living owning them :)

  6. today20 Says:

    Are you really stoned :p good time high there :p

  7. Huong Says:

    Tu hom qua den gio moi vao mang doc ky duoc comment cua Ha. Hihi, to viet cai comment dau tien chi la bat chuoc cai ong bo cua Olive trong phim Little Miss Sunshine, cai ong giao su gi ma ca doi di lechture “there are only two types of people in the world: winners and losers…” xong hinh nhu xay dung ca cai ly thuyet 9-point gi day de tro thanh winner trong khi he himself is an authentic loser by his very own standards. Sad but true to so many professors :)

    Chu thich them la nha to khong co 15 billions dau nhe. Hinh nhu la 30 billions :). Cai nay cung goi la visionary day :)

    Comment thu 2 viet voi vang nen sai lung tung ve ngu phap and typo… cac ban thong cam.

  8. Nhị Linh Says:

    … and expensive family houses in Hanoi are in general not for sale :(( so we Hanoians continue to live without money in such home sweet home, academics or not

  9. hoaianh Says:

    Mot can nha HN mua duoc 3 can nha to SG.
    Minh co moi mot can nha nho nho o SG, co le minh chi mua duoc mot phong o HN thoi, huhu.

  10. today20 Says:

    Hi hi thế thì nên ở lại với căn nhà ở SG :p Còn nếu ở một phòng thì ở Berlin được rồi :-D

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