05th Mar 2009


– Marriage is not much about excitement, drama, emotion…, and even sex :-D If you want more of the above, better stay single at all cost :-D

– after 5 years, what do you think it is really about?

– it is a lot about companion. at least for me, it is like that

– I see

– life is a… long trip:-D

– ya, I see your point. it is a long trip

9 Responses to “marriage”

  1. HA Says:

    for me it’s very much about tax reduction and … full insurance package :))

  2. today20 Says:

    So come on, you will have the reducton and the insurance from next year then he he :-D

  3. Phat Says:

    @HA: how about further tax reduction and/ or cash benefit with a kid? ;))

  4. HA Says:

    that’s exactly the point chi G, coz’ i don’t care much about tax reduction so i haven’t considered marriage :))
    anh Phat than men, the Turkishs already do that before me, usually with 3 kids or more :))

  5. HA Says:

    I have to add that tax reduction and insurance cover only really work if one person is unemployed, which now then makes marriage here even more meaningless :))
    So back to square one, I’m trying to think of one reason why I should do it, will inform you guys later :)

  6. today20 Says:

    Oh, you should think fast, or cheap air fare back to SG will be sold out :p

    And looking at the global economy, be prepared for an unemployed at home :-D :-D

  7. FR Says:

    Umm, what should I have to say? ;))

  8. HA Says:

    con co may ngay nua thoi day :P:P:P

  9. G. Says:

    Counting down hi hi

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