19th Apr 2009


Fact: Most of Vietnamese I know (including me), when they take the quiz THE INNER NATIONALITY QUIZ: WHAT ARE YOU REALLY? on facebook, come up with the result that innerly they’re German.

Question: wonder how to get to be defined as innerly Vietnamese?

Answer 1: procrastinate all time, scare everything and always make mistakes in historical decisions :-D

Answer 2: If you are a Vietnamese: Money is everything to you, yet you have no sense of finance. You don’t trust anyone, including yourself. So that you lie to everyone, including yourself. You think everyone else is stupid but when it comes to making decision you always want somebody else to do it for you, and if nobody does, you think following the crowd is the safest bet. You don’t believe in God, (state) media is God to you. Modern medicine means side effect and bear bile cures all diseases. You enjoy complaining about everything, but Hochiminh is untouchable.You love  your country, but you’d do everything for your children to get out of it.
And when you go to FB and take the inner nationality quiz, most of you become German


  1. HA Says:

    I’m American, huhu, bad bad bad :(

  2. HA Says:

    Blame facebook, they only have the G7 (or G20) result i think!

  3. G Says:

    Actually my husband is American too he he :-D you guys belong to minority of vietnamese hi hi

  4. Hien Nguyen Says:

    Please read Passion for Excellence at:

    I think everybody is basically good and has some weaknesses, all nations alike, Vietnamese, American, German, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese. You name it.

    It is a shame, instead of bringing out the good and great things out of a person,a country, the author tries to exploit the bad parts to hit the news.


  5. G. Says:

    Hi hi, if everybody only brings out the good and great things, there will be no place for critics. And I guess there’s no development without critics. If everything is already good, so people can sleep in peace.

    And actually it’s not even a critic, it’s a humorous observation, mentioned in a friend chat. Don’t tell me that in your conversations, you only talk about good and great things. You should be a nun then :-D

  6. Akari Says:

    Too bad, the quiz says that I’m Swedish.

    Your 2nd answer is actually very interesting. And it’s just a part of the vietnamese life style comedy/tragedy.

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