24th Mar 2010

Lặt vặt trong ngày

1. Hôm nay nhận được 1 hộp Canon to sụ, chứa đồ sơ sinh cô GT gửi cho Nemo, có một bộ cũ của chị Bơ Sữa mặc lấy hơi :-) Hy vọng em Nemo cũng hay ăn chóng lớn thích đi học như chị Bơ Sữa. Cái thư của cô GT sẽ dán vào Nhật ký của Nemo để lớn lên Nemo đọc :-D

2. Thấy bạn Phanxine thông báo đã xem Capitalism: a love story của anh Michael Moore. Chắc phải kiếm phim này xem trong maternityleave, he he. Sau Bowling for Columbine, mình thậm chí đã…. đọc Downsize this và Stupid White men. Fahrenheit 9/11 tuy mình không đặc biệt thích lắm, anh cố lấy nước mắt cliché quá, nhưng mình vẫn luôn ủng hộ anh, he he.

Hôm nay lên trang web của anh xem, thấy có cái letter: How the People in My District Got Stupak to Change His Mind — and Thus Saved the Health Care Bill


Well, our full court press on my congressman, Bart Stupak worked! Hundreds of my neighbors here in his Michigan district spent the weekend organizing thousands of voters to get busy and save the health care bill. We called Stupak’s congressional office non-stop and we got thousands of people up here to flood his email box.

And then a rare thing happened: An elected representative did what the people told him to do. It was nothing short of amazing.

Stupak, and his seven “right to life” Democrats who had said they would vote against the bill, reversed themselves after what Stupak said Sunday afternoon was a week of his staff having “really taken a pounding.” Hey, all we did here in northern Michigan was let him know that we would be unceremoniously tossing him out of Congress in this August’s Democratic primary. One of our group announced she would oppose him in the Dem primary. That seemed to register with him.

All of this made Stupak look pretty worn down at his press conference yesterday, pleading with people like us to stop calling his house and waking his wife “at two or three in the morning.” Hey! That’s not us. We never call during Carson Daly!

Obama needed 216 votes in the House last night — and he barely got them (219 was the final number). Had Stupak not done a 180 in the last 24 hours, the health care bill would have gone down in flames. Thank you, to all of you here in northern Michigan who did what had to be done. You and you alone saved this bill in the final moments.


Michael Moore

He he, very cool.

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