17th Sep 2010

Hanoi Boogie


I used to drive around this lake I did. I did I did each Saturday with you. (girls) With you, with you ka-choo ka-choo koo. Japan on to Korea, where we’d write down our ideas who loved who – ooo ooo ooo.

We’d drive by Hanoi Amsterdam. I’d buy you chocolate ice cream with all of my dong. (girls) Your dong, your ding-a-dang-a-long-dong. I wouldn’t dare to mention that I needed your attention all day long – all day long.

And we do the Hanoi boogie
It’s lemon and soda, Turtle Pagoda
Oh yeah, baby shimmy shimmy shake
There’s love in the autumn, ice at the bottom of my cup, my cup, my coffee coffee cup.

One day that I remember well, The sun was turning all red and falling all down. (girls) All down, all down, all down behind the old town. We stopped and then we went in to a park named after Lenin walked around – then sat down.

You asked me for a kiss. I felt so shy to tell you the truth I didn’t know how. (girls) Know how, I’m pretty sure you know now! So I just sat beside you like a frightened baby tiger thinking wow – oh meow

The days are slowly marching on. The city that I adore is marching on too. (girls) Ooo-ooo Hanoi is moving on too. So take the stage and take your bows and take your birthday number thousand make it true – old and new

Still drive around this lake I do. Sill Saturday still me and still beside you. (girls) Still you, still ka-choo ka-choo koo! Some changes to the motor from a Wave to a Toyota but still blue – colour blue!

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  1. Polka Dots Says:

    Bài hát hấp dẫn lên nhiều nhờ kết hợp với cái clip này.

    Cảnh bà con tích cực thể dục thể thao ở Hồ Gươm làm chị nhớ tới cảnh tương tự ở biển Nha Trang mùa hè vừa rồi.

    Thanks for posting (Ah, by the way, coi cái clip này giống như xả hơi khỏi sự nặng nề của mấy cái clip ở entry trước :)))

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