28th Sep 2011

Promise at dawn

– remember to tell Nemo he’s a wonder, that works on everybody, any time, repeatedly

–  I’d rather let his girl tell that to him

– it woks for mom – kid too

– oh, sure I know it works. but  I read a book which kind of affect my motherhood ;)

–  how ?

– it’s kind of said that if mom’s love is too big and overwhelming , it’s like a promise from the beginning of man’s life and he will expect the same kind of love from each of his women and can never fulfill his thirst. If I repeat to him that he is special, a wonder, then later, he will not appreciate women like…. me ;) , who can not easily says those words. He will run after “stars” and finish his life in misery .

I do think it’s better for Nemo if he ends up with a not-too-emotional star, then I’d better not shower him with “wonder” things. The most important things don’t need to be spoken out, they can be heard by heart :-D I know it works and it’s okay if someday, some girls will tell him that, but he should not get used to that from the beginning of his life, as a promise at dawn.

(with all my respect to Romain Gary)

3 Responses to “Promise at dawn”

  1. GM Says:

    Chui vào đây chỉ để chứng tỏ mình chui vào được:) Có gì bí mật đâu nhỉ! :)

  2. G Says:

    Khong co gi bi mat ;) chi vi co mot it rieng tu ;))

  3. P Says:

    I hear you. I hear you. =))

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