17th Mar 2012

Saturday, 17 March

Nothing special about this day :-)

Went to Index Living Mall, bought 2 huge soft cushions.

Then went buy some plants.

Then bought 2 cút quay bơ :-D

Then came back home.

Then dinner, with steam mussels with olive oil, lemon and garlic as starter, and gà tiềm as main dish :-D

And I kinda like my saturday :-D


2 Responses to “Saturday, 17 March”

  1. P Says:

    Yeah… and Sunday was good too, although it could be better if you have helped with planting the flowers and gardening labour work.

    Found a good home shopping place and a good Italian restaurant in the weekend. Yay.

  2. today20 Says:

    It was already very good, so enjoy it and don’t dream about a “better” one :-D enjoy the moment, I mean, the day :))

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