12th Jul 2012

Visa application and the nails shop

– about the visa application, I will do it online, right?

– yes. i’ll setup a meeting tomorrow and you can start on it… unless you know what to do

– a quick meeting will not do any harm ;))

– hehehe, okay

– but I need to wait the Bill’s letter to be sent here? I guess he needs to sign it?

– he wil need to sign it but it’s okay cuz he’s getting on monday

– he is back to Vietnam monday?

– yes,i have it under control :-)

– he he, thanks :-)

– just a matter how you do at the consulate hehehe

– hehehe :D I’ll tell them no way I stay in US and work in a nail shop :D I really have no talent on doing nails :-D

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  1. S Says:

    The Humor Writers Association will be warning about you, not nails shops.

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