04th Sep 2012

Letter no. 1 from San Francisco

I have nothing to do so I write you this letter. The melatonin thing works well and the flight is quite empty. From Taipei to SFO, I have a row of 4 seats for myself. The problem is you can not pull up seat’s arms, means no lying down on 4 seats, so the best thing you can do is open the table of the seat beside and put your legs on that hehe. I took 2 melatonin on the flight to taipei then i slept a bit, but then the flight arrived to taipei so could not sleep anymore. I was thirsty but the automachines only sell water on taiwan currency, so after a while wandering around I found a Starbucks and sat there until the next flight.

That very much is my flight, I watched Brave movie, such a so so one, a little bit of The dictator, and read 30/250 pages of Catch-22.
Updates: I arrived. The crashpad is deserted until now. I guess as tomorrow is the public holiday, everybody run out of the crowded apartment, he he, so only me here tonight. I took a bus, went to Union Square, hang around, got a huge slice of pizza and a salad for dinner, the tried to find a bus back and got lost a lot even with the Google map. Sometimes the road is deserted and I was scared like hell, he he, wished I took a taxi but finally back with a lot of walking.
That’s basically my first day.

2 Responses to “Letter no. 1 from San Francisco”

  1. KV Says:

    You still alive? By the way, you’re welcome. ;p

  2. today20 Says:

    I’m still lively alive :-D

    See you soon.

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