04th Sep 2012

Letter to A & C – Hello from San Francisco

Hey gals ;)

I well arrived yesterday. Everybody was out of the city for the long weekend so I had the whole crashpad for my own yesterday night.
The weather is quite nice, sunny in the day. In the night time is a bit cold so C, you should bring warm pijamas.
I got a taxi from the airport and the driver turned out to be a vietnamese, he he. He didn’t know the neighborhood so I guess I paid more that it’s supposed to be.
There’s a park right in front of the house, like it :-)
A tip for C: On the plane, they’ll give you slipper to walk . Bring them with you to walk in the crashpad, it can be cold bare feet :-D
I already ran to Labor Day sales ha ha, and already bought stuff.
Wish you gals were here :-D

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  1. M Says:

    Thế cơ chứ

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