11th Jun 2015

Ma’am, what’s your health problem?

In the hospital:

– Ma’am, what’s your health problem?

– Uh.. oh… I… am pregnant.

Sure, from some perspective, pregnancy is absolutely a health problem.


Không liên quan, trong siêu thị: Tại sao có những nơi bông điên điển thì có, mà dọc mùng thì lại không !?!


Cũng không liên quan, hôm qua trong cơn thèm khoai tây nướng, đã tống 3 củ vào lò để làm một bản rút gọn của món này http://damndelicious.net/2013/11/09/loaded-hasselback-potatoes/ và ăn gần hết.  Thôi được, enjoy while it lasts, because in 10 years…. “In 10 years, you’ll be in my position now. I’m cutting some of my coffee and replace it with tea (for the antioxidant and its potential to be anti inflammation, hope it’s good for the teeth. Cutting my sodium, cutting the cholesterol… And have to keep telling myself: but back then, when you were 20, strong teeth, healthy heart, bored and alone, the cigarettes were your trusted and reliable friend, you will think so about the carb :D write it down to your memory how good it feels now :D “

2 Responses to “Ma’am, what’s your health problem?”

  1. P Says:

    the lobster air flown from Maine were sooo fresh, it was grilled to perfection with some herbs like pesto sauce_ new england style, so they said. It was “seafood” sweet, juicy, flattering with butter. And the sangria they made there was perhaps a bit light on alcohol but it leaves a fruity and pleasant after taste _ like a young girl in a summer garden.

    It felt so good we were twisting and chewing on the last legs. We’ll come back_ for the lobster rolls.

    If only you enjoyed oysters as I did too. :p

  2. P Says:

    một viễn cảnh khác
    _ Sau này già, tui và c* sẽ thành 1 cặp béo phì

    _ :-D hai tâm hồn ăn uống ?

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