17th Sep 2015

Tâm sự ngày mưa (và máy lạnh thì chảy nước như mưa)

– nature of life is very weird. Why are you here? I don’t know. What do you do? I reproduce :-?
– you’re here just as a random result :D
– that’s all about it :D don’t know, just keep reproducing :D
– ya, just keep reproducing, sometimes you do get some fun from that :-?
– reproducing is the acceptance that your life is gone
– will be gone :-? i think back then when you reproduced, your life was not gone yet. Then I read a book about sibling rivalry, and I realized that I bear the second kid just for the sake of the first one, hoping he would be less lonely and would have a friend for life and the reality is his whole childhood he will hate the other one, want to “send him back” and be angry about he is not the only :-?
– :D Nếu thành như anh em nhà X, thì chả phải chỉ là childhood :D but I think the benefit is out weight the negatives though :D
– and then I’ll take all the pain of making the double money :D

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