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07th Nov 2018

The day a builder went to a cloud

The story written by Nemo. I found it just too cute ^^


The day a builder went to a cloud

There was a builder who built very fast. From his childhood, he dreamed of going on a cloud. He decided to make a staircase, brick by brick by brick up to the sky, but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough bricks so he decided to hollow out a long tube of metal and put boosters like a rocket.  He didn’t have have any metal, so he got some from miners. So he made a rocket, that wasn’t as fast as others, but he didn’t have any oil or petrol to power his rocket. The oil required was very large amount, so he had to pay a fortune to get his rocket fully fueled. But then there was the controls. There were hundreds of buttons that did different things and of course he didn’t build it by himself. He hired a skilled astronaut to teach him how to use a rocket. He eventually reached a cloud, and oh how fluffy the cloud was. It was very bouncy, and when he went back home, he was very happy.

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