27th Jun 2006

Illusions and marriage

– People get married because they feel long term commitment.

– Perhaps I’ll feel it someday Image

– You’ll get married because it’ll provides long term commitment to you, so you will have it after marriage, not as an urge to get married.

– If I have no urge, so why get married? Image

– Because it’s a social norm, and because sometimes you feel a long term contract can be good, better than no contract, or because you want to try a new experience. People have expectation and even illusion, but people living for today like you, there are no expectation and no illusion.

– I still have expectations and many illusions, me too. If I have not, I’m already Buddha. Or Zorba Image

– Like what? A handsome and gentle man with >1000$/month? Image

– Hi hi, other normal illusions too. I have all girlish illusions, I only have not feeling for eternity.

– Not eternity but future. You have no illusion or expectation for future.

– Sometimes I have, hi hi, I don’t know Image.

– Sometimes you have but you don’t believe, so it’s not expectation or illusion.

– Perhaps you’re right. That’s why I have huge respects for people who believe. No belief is also kinda illusion but negative. And you miss things with that kind of illusion. Image

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