15th Apr 2006


Actually it’s about Perfume of Patrick Suskind and not about perfumes such as Dior, Elizabeth Arden or cK or… although I’m also very fond of these ones.

Nice book about a psycho killer (for your information, in my vocabulary, I call him psycho because he is killer, if he’s not, he will be just a weirdo) hi hi.

Quite fun, well written, it reminds me of Se7en. Yes, the movie Se7en . If you like thrillers such as Se7en, Bones collector… you’ll like the book.

But it’s not, or at least not only, a thriller. It’s also a fantasy which was written with nice imagination.

Quite classic in style, the story was narrated in chronological order, staged in France of 18th century, about a perfume genius, a guy who has a gifted sense of smell and who is obssessed by perfumes. And with this gift, he is closed in his interior world of smells. Very detailed about smells, about feelings and affections caused by smells, in reading this book you mostly believe that there’s a world which you don’t really “feel” but you guess there is.

Yes, it gives you a guess that there’s another “reality” just there but you can not touch.

Nice writting about isolation, hatred and misanthropy. And as with Se7en, it doesn’t leave comfort but a bitter aftertaste: he won, but what a senseless victory.

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